3 Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light in a house is preferable 100% of the time over fake light. It washes your room in a rich full range tint that lights might dare to dream to copy, and it builds your body’s vibe great serotonin levels. The best part is that natural light won’t come due toward the month’s end with the power bill. It’s free.

Many homes were not built with the direction of natural light in mind. Shy of getting your home and turning it toward the sun—or by and large migrating it to a sunnier area—there are a couple of rebuild projects you can do that will increase interior natural light.

Install Skylights in Your Ceiling

Strong natural light can do wonders for your mood and show off your home’s best features. When windows don’t provide the light you crave. In fact, skylights are often called windows for the roof. Skylights bring in more consistent light than most windows because skylights are less likely to be shadowed by outdoor objects, and sunlight reflected off of clouds comes right into the house.

Use Brighter Interior Wall and Ceiling Paints

  • Our recommendation: Updating your interior wall color is the number one way to reflect natural light back into your room.
  • White is the brightest: Nothing is brighter than white. White comes in a huge range of subtly different shades, so if you don’t like white there are other color options available in this rue.
  • Ceilings are important: Most ceilings are white for a reason: White reflects light. Flat white is preferred over a glossier sheen because a matte finish reduces glare, and ceilings don’t need the washability of glossier paint because they don’t get touched regularly, like walls and trim do.

Paint Your Soffits and Eaves White

This section reflects natural light and sends it into your home. Painting your soffits and eaves white is one little-known way to boost natural light in every room of your home. Even if your house exterior is a different color, you can still paint your eaves white-only.

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